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In hopes of serving you faster, smarter, and better – it was time to launch this website and blog. I feel fortunate that my businesses are growing and the contact forms and information here will make both of our lives more efficient! Please be sure to let me know what you think about it, or any improvements that would make it better for you. Here are a few shortcuts to get you to where you want to go:


Do We Need an Introduction?

So I’m from Sheridan Arkansas, population 4,812 give or take a few. I was fortunate to enjoy a wonderful Christian middle-America upbringing. I earned a Bachelor of Science from Henderson State University which was just an hour away from home. Since I was 12 years old I had wanted to be an Flight Attendant and spent two years living in NYC, flying and seeing America. That time observing the behavior of people onboard my flights was just enough, as well as a classmate’s suicide, to set me on my path in Psychiatric Counseling.

I’ve been working in the counseling field continuously since 1995. I received my Master of Social Work from UALR in May of 2000. I had the ambitious idea in my head that I wanted to actually run a hospital (!) until I missed my son’s first day of school. That’s when I smartly decided to start my own “business” in order to find a healthy and workable balance in life for me, my family, and career, and my desire to continue helping people.

Here in Arkansas, I’m a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW) with a private counseling practice. I work with teens and adults, primarily in areas of grief, depression, anxiety, women’s issues, and divorce. I particularly enjoy helping blended families and coparenting challenges.

In the field of Adoption, I provide families, judges, and attorneys in the Central Arkansas area with private Adoption Home Studies. An Adoption Home Study is the fundamental wheel to the adoption process which involves home visits, interviews, assessments, and ultimately a final report.

If you’re curious whether I “practice what I preach,” then you better believe it! I’ve been divorced… and fortunate enough to find the love of my life, Shawn Armbrister. Together we coparent a blended family with four incredible children under the roof. As a mom and wife with a professional career – I’m certainly practicing what I preach! I believe my clients draw strength from my experience and insights because I’m not talking about hypothesis.

Even with two working professionals in our household (Shawn works for IBM) it is not inexpensive to provide for the needs of a family of six! In fact it costs a bundle for health, recreation, education, vacation and more. If you’ve got kids you know that, right? I know a number of people have successfully created sustainable sources of income working from home in direct sales. Whether it was fate or fortune, either way early this year (2015) a friend introduced me to an opportunity that I felt was a perfect fit for me! Working part-time for just about six months has already produced another “full time” income for us. The real payoff for me is that it affords me to balance my counseling clients and appointments and my family while supporting the family nest egg. Whether you’re curious (or desperate) to earn more money and have some fun meeting new people doing it, I’d be happy to share my experience and show you how I got started. It worked for me, I’ll bet it’ll work for you, as well!

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